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  1. Catch a witch beside the door......

  2. would you please add this petition to your website?
    Penguin Publish House: Halt the shipping and printing of "Bend, not break"


    1. It is truly despicable to try to silence those with whom one disagrees.

  3. Ping created her Facebook account to promote BnB;
    Ping through Meimei Fox created her Wikipedia page to promote BnB;
    All Ping's recent presentations and interviews are solely about BnB.

    Everything is for her personal interest!
    She does not act a bit like a company's senior officer -- maybe this is a reason her company's stock is going down, quickly.

  4. Debunking Bend, Not Break should be added in addition to the Official Website, which is a self-serving, promotional marketing tool used by Ping Fu. Visitors to Wikipedia entry should have access to information so that they can conduct additional researchExternal links

    See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bend_Not_Break

    Bend, Not Break
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    • Official website
    Debunking Bend, Not Break, http://www.debunkingbendnotbreak.com/

  5. To the publisher or the editor could not --- you may have ruined your credibility and name
    I saw this book on the shelf of Box Hill Library at Melbourne, Australia in May this year. I picked it up as I always do with overseas Chinese’s autobiographies. The beginning of the book attracted me immediately and I marvelled at Ms. Ping Fu’s unique life experience, especially her prominent entrepreneurship, which distinguished her experience from many other overseas Chinese authors who all experienced different life torture in the past China (mainly in the Culture Revolution).

    During my reading, I felt great discomfort with some of the stories described in the book and I started to suspect the credibility. I felt great disgust when I read the passage that college girls had to hand in sanitation pad and had others’ fingers put into their vaginas. I start to feel angry that the author manipulated story in a way to cater for western readers’ attention, as they do no have much clue about that piece of history in China. We all know these things would not be able to happen in China, as it could never fit into Chinese ethical code or tradition, even in the mad Culture Revolution time. As these passages were so much unbearable, I physically glanced through them in order to continue the reading of Ms. Ping Fu’s entrepreneur success.

    Very soon, I lost interest with the book when I was more than half through the book. With Chinese background, I could easily figure out the manipulated stories but I had no clue how much of Ms. Ping Fu’s American life would be true. I only briefly browsed the later part of the book to the end.

    After reading the book, I went to internet to search information about the author as I usually do. To my surprise, there were many bloggers debunking Ms. Ping Fu’s made-up stories. I am grateful for their time, effort and passion in disclosing fake stories. When Ms. Ping Fu was saying that this “attack” was due to the envy towards her good life in American and she “won’t break”, my respect to her slumped down to the bottom. I wanted to tell her: Ping, we felt great pain for the suffer you experienced; we felt great proud of your career success; we wish you never ever break whatever personal difficulties may come. What we do not want is history manipulating in your book as many of the western readers would be very innocent to the piece of history in China, and this could mislead them further estray. It would be fine for you to do literature creation, but you cannot claim it is true experience in the meantime.

    Until I saw Ms. Ping Fu was saying on a video that Deng Xiaoping asked about her personal situations and later exiled her, I burst into laugh! Oh, well, it wasted all the truth-seeking bloggers’ time and effort as Ms. Ping Fu is a person mixes imagination and truth. This may be an aftermath of her poor life experience. Sincerely, what Ms. Ping should need is a psychologist’s diagnosis and therapy.

    It is an unforgivable sin to mislead readers with fake stories. If Ms. Ping Fu could be spared from the fake stories due to her inability to distinguish imagination from truth, the publisher or the editor could not --- you may have ruined your credibility and name.
    By Willowinthewind