As most category listings on this site, this page will be a work in progress for a while.

There are many facts mentioned in Fu Ping's book and media interviews. Most of them are questionable to various degrees. Some are exaggerated, misinterpreted, or misleading. Others are self-contradictory, wrong or plainly fabricated.

This page documents the stories told by Fu Ping and categorizes them as following:
  • Broken: Facts or stories that have been shown incorrect or non-existent
  • Bent: Facts or stories that have been shown exaggerated or misleading
  • Questionable: Not yet enough evidence to "upgrade" them to above yet
Of course, the standard for the categorization is entirely subjective -- to yours truly.

Note: Most of the issues are discovered, researched, and analyzed by many alert readers in various forums. It is almost impossible to give full credit where it is due. The contents of this and its child pages are just a collection of this grassroot effort.

  1. [Bent] The book title: what is the true character of bamboo?
  2. [Broken] Did Fu Ping's family have close ties with Dr. Sun Yet-sen?
  3. [Questionable] Did Fu Ping spend her early childhood in Shanghai?
    1. [Questionable] Where is the Shanghai Villa?
    2. [Broken] How did her family enjoy luxury dinner in the era of food rations?
    3. [Questionable] When did she enjoy the abandoned airfield as a playground?
    4. [BrokenHad she even been to Shanghai in her Childhood?
  4. [Broken] Were Fu Ping's Brothers "Sent Down" in 1966?
  5. [Broken] Is Fu Ping's Birthday the Rape of Nanjing Memorial Day?
  6. [Questionable] Was Fu Ping Forcefully Sent Back from Shanghai to Nanjing?
    1. [Questionable] Does Fu Ping Share the Same Family Name with her Shanghai Family?
    2. [Broken] How did Red Guards Arrange Fu Ping's Travel?
    3. [Broken] Were Red Guards Good Chauffeurs?
    4. [Broken] What did Fu Ping see on the Streets of Nanjing?
    5. [Broken] How did her Parents Get Sent Away on the Same Day?
    6. [Bent] Did Red Guards Wear Boots?
  7. [Questionable] Did Fu Ping Suffer during the Cultural Revolution?
    1. [Questionable] Did the Sisters Live Alone by Themselves?
    2. [Questionable] Were Red Guards Housemasters?
    3. [Bent] Did they Live in a Ghetto?
    4. [Broken] What Furniture did they Have in their Room?
    5. [Broken] Did they Receive Free Food from the Government?
    6. [Broken] Did they Actually Have Had a Happy Childhood?
    7. [Broken] What was the "Bitter Meal"?
    8. [Questionable] Was she Abused in a "Struggle Session"?
  8. [Broken] Did the Red Guards Kill a Teacher Using Four Horses?
  9. [Questionable] How did Fu Ping Know that she had been Gang-Raped?
    1. [Questionable] If so, Whodunit?
    2. [Questionable] What Injuries did she Suffer?
    3. [Bent] What does "Broken Shoe" Mean?
  10. [Broken] Did Fu Ping Spend her Cultural Revolution Years in School or "Labor Camp"?
    1. [Broken] Did she Work in Factories as a Child Labor?
    2. [Bent] Did she Work in Countryside as a Child Labor?
    3. [Broken] Was she a "Child Soldier"?
    4. [Questionable] How did she get her Actual Factory Job?
  11. [Broken] Did Fu Ping Actually Attend Regular Schools?
    1. [Broken] How Many Years did she Attend Schools?
  12. [Broken] Was Fu Ping a Red Guard herself?
  13. [Questionable] Was Fu Ping having Dinner when she Heard Mao's Death?
  14. [Broken] When did Fu Ping Take the College Entrance Exam?
  15. [Broken] How did Fu Ping Major in Chinese Literature?
  16. [Broken] Were Officials Check Periods of Female Students?
  17. [Broken] Was Fu Ping's Red Maple Society Popular in her College?
    1. [Broken] Did Deng Xiaoping Get Hold of Fu Ping's Student Journal?
    2. [Broken] Was there a Political Backlash in her School?
    3. [Questionable] Did she Suffer Romantic Losses for each Political Trouble?
  18. [Broken] When and Why did Fu Ping Dropout from Suzhou University?
  19. [Questionable] Did Fu Ping Actually Work for her College Graduation Thesis?
    1. [Broken] Did she Witness Wide-Spread Crimes?
  20. [Broken] Was Fu Ping's Infanticide Research Publicized in Newspapers?
    1. [Broken] Were there Actual Newspaper Reports or UN Sanctions?
    2. [Broken] How Many Babies Killed during her College Years?
  21. [Questionable] Was Fu Ping Arrested before Graduation?
    1. [Questionable] Did Deng Xiaoping himself Order her Release?
  22. [Bent] Was Fu Ping Deported from China?
    1. [Broken] How Long did it Take her to Get a Passport?
    2. [Questionable] How did she Obtain her Passport?
    3. [Broken] Did she Know she was going to New Mexico?
  23. [Broken] Why was Fu Ping Reported to have Ph.D. in Chinese Literature?
  24. [Questionable] Did Fu Ping Take an American Airline to US?
  25. [Broken] Did Fu Ping only Know Three English Words when she Came to US?
  26. [Questionable] How did Fu Ping Come to US with Just $80? 
  27. [Broken] Was Fu Ping Kidnapped when Arriving at Albuquerque?
  28. [Questionable] Was Fu Ping Cheated on her First Babysitting Job?
  29. [Questionable] Was Fu Ping Sexually Harassed by Sylvester Stallone?
  30. [Broken] Was Fu Ping a Graduate Student at University of New Mexico?
    1. [Broken] Did she Really not Know Fractions until Studying Calculus in UNM? 
  31. [Broken] Why did Fu Ping Hide her First Marriage?
  32. [Questionable] How Much was Fu Ping Paid for her Part-time Job at San Diego?
    1. [Broken] Did she Lie about Lane Selling his Company?
    2. [Questionable] Were they Romantically Involved?
    3. [Broken] Was Lane Sharman Unethical?
  33. [Questionable] Was Fu Ping a Leader in NCSA and Mosaic Project?
    1. [Questionable] Who had the Original Idea for Mosaic?
    2. [Broken] How Fast was Mosaic being Downloaded?
  34. [Broken] Was Fu Ping the CEO of Geomagic in 1999 and 2000?
  35. [Questionable] How did Fu Ping become Inc.'s Entrepreneur of the Year?


  1. Great to have such an organized list. Thanks!

  2. In addition to bend, broken or questionable, there should be another one dedicated to what Fu Ping contradicts herself: Fu Ping vs Fu Ping. This demonstrates how she breaks her own words.

  3. Also suggest to have a section where Fu Ping mislead or change concept, one of the example being: she said in her resume that she was a lecturer because her father asked her to talk in a classroom