Sunday, July 21, 2013

Document: Fu Ping's Student Records in Suzhou University

Suzhou University has now released the images of several records in Fu Ping's student file at that school, originally displayed for reporters in their press conference on this subject.

The figure below is Fu Ping's registration card, filled out by herself. It shows that she had joined the Chinese Communist Youth League in April, 1973. She graduated from the Nanjing Guanghuamen High School in July, 1976 and served as the student head of that class.

The figure below shows that the Fu Ping was allowed to formally dropped out the school on March 16, 1982 due to the insistence of her mother and herself. The document also listed some other students, with their names redacted, who took absence from or dropped out of school due to various sicknesses during the same period:

The figure below shows the status of Fu Ping when she was accepted by the school. Notably that a check mark indicated that she was a member of the Chinese Communist Youth League. Her scores in the entrance exams are: Chinese 80, Math 54, Politics 70, History 70, and Geography 67.7

The figure below shows Fu Ping's course records at the end of the first year. The one marked in red shows that her English class score was "Excellence".

The figure below shows Fu Ping's course records at the end of the second year. The one marked in red shows that her English class score was 88 (out of 100).

 The figure below is a list of students in Fu Ping's class, where a note indicated her dropping out of school on March 16, 1982.


  1. Statistically, how many percent of Chinese Communist Youth League members eventually become promoted to regular members of the Chinese Communist Party? More than 50%? More than 67%? More than 90%?

    Had Ping Fu stayed in China, did she have a high probability of becoming a regular CCP member?

  2. Did Ping Fu truthfully disclose her Chinese Communist Youth League membership when applying to become a U.S. citizen?

    Ping Fu had to answer the following questions in her U.S. citizenship application:

    Have you ever been a member of or in in any way associate (directly or indirectly) with the Communist Party?

    Ping Fu also had to disclose whether she was ever arrested, cited, detained by any law enforcement officer for any reason? Have you ever been in jail or prison?

    Did Ping Fu tell the INS (predecessor of USCIS) that she was arrested and jailed in Suzhou, China?

    Ping Fu signed and certified, under penalty of perjury, that her U.S. citizenship application was all true and correct.

  3. In Ping Fu’s first memoir (Drifting Bottle), she showed a photo of herself in front of the statue of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (father of Marxism). This picture was taken while Ping Fu was traveling in Europe, after she has lived in the United States for many years.

    Why is Ping Fu so fond of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels?

    Shouldn’t Ping Fu choose a picture of herself with our Statue of Liberty?

    Ping Fu’s comment about the Statute of Liberty shows that she was cynical of the American way of life. Read her 1996 Drifting Bottle.

  4. In one of the English version of the evidence, SooZhou University had shown that the undergraduate programe of Chinese Language and Literature was Ping Fu's first choice (of Major)

  5. Eddie, This documentation is not currently listed under Document under Records page. Could you please add this to that section of the page?

    1. It is, at the very bottom of the list. The list is in chronological order.