Saturday, July 20, 2013

Document: Fu Ping's Position in NCSA

Upon a Freedom of Information Act request, University of Illinois has released the official Notice of Appointment documents regarding to Fu Ping's past employment at the National Center of Supercomputing Applications. The documents show that Fu Ping was initially hired as a Visiting Res Programmer in 1991. Her title changed to Res Programmer in 1994 and then to Technical Program Manager in 1996.

Therefore, during the 1991-1992 time frame when Mosaic browser was invented in NCSA, it was unlikely Fu Ping could have been in a leadership position in that historical event.


  1. Ping Fu continues to claim, on her Bloomberg/Business executive profile, that:

    She served as a Director of Visualization and Technical Program Manager of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, where she initiated and managed the NCSA Mosaic software project that led to Netscape and Internet Explorer……Her achievements included initiating the well-publicized software NCSA Mosaic, managing the implementation of the Alpha Shapes™ software, and developing animation software used in the movie Terminator II.

  2. In her speech at the University of North Carolina in 2010, Fu Ping elaborated a little further on her position in Mosaic project:

    “We had a 40 million dollars annual budget and I was managing 10 million dollars in industrial relationship and 30 million federal government. So, we could actually do anything we wanted. I just happened to hire this student his name is Marc Andreessen.”

    Ping Fu received just a few hundred thousand dollars in her NSF grant while working at NCSA.

    Did she really manage $10 million + $30 million = $40 million funding at NCSA?

    Her public statement on how NCSA spends federal grants makes the University of Illinois looks very irresponsible in using taxpayer funded grants.

  3. From Wikipedia about MOSAIC:

    Development of Mosaic began in December 1992. Marc Andreessen announced the project on Jan 23, 1993.

  4. When she was invited as a guest of the first lady during the 2010 state of the union, she was introduced as a director.

  5. When did Ping Fu actually leave NCSA? According to your documents, it appears that Ping Fu only held the job title as NCSA “Technical Program Manager” for 4 or 5 months (3/29/96-8/20/96).