Saturday, May 11, 2013

Questionable Fact: Lane Sharman's Romantic Interest in Fu Ping

The Original Story:
In her earlier auto-biography Drifting Bottle, Fu Ping told a slightly different version of her relationship with her first employer, Lane Sharman. She affectionately called him "Lan(蓝)" in Chinese, meaning "blue." The chapter is titled "Blue Feeling, Blue Dream".

When they first met, Fu Ping commented that Lane's eyes are "blue like the ocean water." (P. 61) After her job interview at Lane's office the next day, Lane made a point to tell her, "I am a married man." (P. 63) They enjoyed frequent lunch dates by the seaside. (P. 70)

The Debunking:
These material, which clearly indicated a romantic interest between Lane Sharman and Fu Ping, did not show up in Bend, Not Break, which by itself is rather curious.

Sexual harassment at work place had not yet become a hot issue in 1986. In a small company like Lane Sharman's, it's hard to say what could be going on. But a male boss telling a female job candidate his marriage status seems to be out of line regardless.

What is more shocking is, of course, this "romance" happened around the exact same time that Fu Ping entered a secret marriage, giving more credence that the marriage was probably a sham.

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