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Yong: Ping is the most Honest People I had Never Seen Before

The following review of Bend, Not Break was published on Amazon on February 3, 2013:
Ping is the most honest person i had never seen before. Ping is the person with extraordinary ability, she is and should be a superstar. Ping is an angel. 
I gave this book five-star, but after reading more, I found co-author Meimei Fox made so many mistakes, so I changed the rating to three-star. 

1. Ping is honest. 
Her book reads "My mother and I went to the school and declared I had a mental breakdown so I would not be sent to remote China (page 258)." So, ping HONESTLY told us her mother and she LIED and took advantage of their ability to make up lies 30 years ago. I want to challenge all the reviewers, who can be more honest than Ping? 
Maybe not all the people know the background of it. At that time, Chinese government paid tuition for all the undergraduates. As an undergraduate from a normal university, Ping also got paid a significant amount of stipend. She also enjoy free medical insurance (Totally free, no copay , no deductible ). In return to this, government determined where students work (which Ping Xu got out by making lie). 
Imagine you are a high school student, one company told you if you agree to work for them after graduate from university (You can choose which university, and you know you may be send to remote area), they will pay for your tuition , medical insurance and give stipend to you. You agreed , but after four years in university, you told the company you have mental problems, and get out it free (You do not need to pay back all the money they spend on you). Is it inspiring? I understand why this book is for readers 18 years older. Because they don't want your kids inspired by Ping's story. 
2. Ping is the person with extraordinary ability 
Ping only knew a few (if not three) English words before she arrived US . With the knowledge of a few English words, Ping applied many American universities, and was accepted by one . So, ping wrote her personal statement with three words(or a few words), communicated with universities with three words. Ping used a few words to show she was really interested in English, so she was accepted as an English major by University of New Mexico. Having the ability to accomplish that, she was and is a superstar!!! 
3.Meimie Fox's bad job ruined the book. 
On one page, Chinese government put her in jail while she was still a student. They told her classmate Ping had mental problem, in order to explain why Ping disappeared.On the other page, Ping and her mother declared she had mental problem, so she would not be sent to remote China. From here, we can see how amusing Ping was/is and always to be. Ping smartly avoided been sent to remote china as a high school teacher. (She already spend a lot of time in remote China for her research on poor babygirls there. She had deep sympathy towards the people in remote China.) 
Which event happened first? Which event truly happened? If Ping self declared mental problem happened first, then Chinese government did not needed to tell her classmates again later on. If government told Ping's classmates she had mental problem, she then was told to leave the country quietly, her university would not assign her a job in remote China. Then Ping and her mother did not need to tell the university she had mental problem. 
Meimei should not put those two events all in the book. Apparently, if one event happened, the other event should not happened. 
4. Ping is an angel. 
Ping was kidnapped by a Vietnamese. When three children first meet Ping, their eyes "watery" , they called Ping mother in Chinese(or Vietnamese?). If the children were kept in that condition for a long time, they must be get used to it, they would not cry. Do you ever heard a three or four years old child call other woman mother at first sight? They cried and called out mom only because in front of them were Ping, an angel. Their foot were glued to the floor, because their father do not want them use toilet. They used the room as a toilet, since they can not move around(Don't tell me they wear diapers, otherwise Ping would remember how dirty the diapers were, how difficult to clean the children). But Ping did not smell anything or noticed anything on the floor when her entered the room, again, because Ping is a angel. 
For the policeman who rescued Ping, there is strong evidence that the Vietnamese man abused children and kidnapped Ping. I am not familiar with the law in US, but I think those are crimes/felony, police could (or even should ) charge the Vietnamese man without Ping's agreement. But in Ping's story,the police man had to ask Ping's agreement. Because they knew Ping is a angel. 
The children were glued to the floor, and Ping forgot to mention how she removed the glue without hurt the children. My dear readers, you may curious about it, or why Ping forgot to mention. My dear readers, remember Ping is an angel, a real angel. Removing the glue is a piece of cake for an angel. Then everything can be explained flawlessly. 
If you read other reviewers comments, you can found more inconsistency in this book.Meimei is the person to blame. Even Meimei messed up a could be perfect, inspiring, and 100 % true story of Ping, my support of Ping is unchanged.
I am amused and inspired by the book, I am trying to find a better way to call Ping's true story(memory, fantasy or delusion?). Suggestions are welcomed. 
My dear readers if you have the patience to read my whole review, I strongly suggested you to read Ping's story. With a little common sense and logic, you can find evidences on every page which support my conclusion Ping is the most honest, Ping is the smartest, Ping is an real angel.

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