Saturday, March 9, 2013

WEIQUN: Why Do I Give One Star to this Book?

The following review of Bend, Not Break was published on Amazon on February 3, 2013:

I give one star to this book. 
Q: Why do you give one star to a book you will never ever read? 
A: Because the book is not based on fact. One does not have to read the story of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" to know it is not real. 
Q: But Professor Erica Brindley says, "I vouch that her story is a true reflection of what happened to some people in China during the Cultural Revolution." 
A: I vouch that the story of Snow White is a true reflection of what happened to some step daughters in every countries. Moreover, I just saw twelve dwarfs the other day in the Hobbit movie. By the way, Professor Erica Brindley is a sister-in-law of Meimei Fox, the ghost writer of the book. 
Q: But this book is inspiring! 
A: Congratulations to those who can still be inspired by the story knowing it is fake. My 7-year old and 5-year old daughters know Disney Princess stories are not real, but they still love them. In fact, my 7-year old is so inspired that she has decided to become a writer of fairy tales. 
Q: Are you hired to write this? If not, why does it matter to someone like you who never commented on any other books at Amazon? 
A: No, I am not hired by anyone to do this. It matters to me because I am Chinese American. In 2008, Obama got 69,498,516 votes in the United States presidential election. Many of his voters were first time voters. Many African American voters might not have bothered to vote if President Obama were not black. 
Q: So you are unhappy because this book reflects poorly on China and Chinese. 
A: I would not be unhappy about a book simply because it reflects poorly on China and Chinese. I am unhappy because the author lied in the book. As one of the students who demonstrated in Tiananmen Square in 1989, I have no love for the Communist Chinese Government that killed so many of my peers. I am happy about books like Standoff at Tiananmen that tell the truth about the massacre in 1989.

Editor Disclosure: Standoff at Tiananmen is written and published by yours truly. I appreciate that it is being mentioned here.

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