Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wang Dehui: Why We Won't Let it Go

The following review of Bend, Not Break was published on Amazon on February 6, 2013:

When writing a memoir or resume, some people would embellish it a bit, that's normal. We all want to present a positive, or, somewhat exaggerated image or ourselves. 
In Fu's memoir and many interviews and media report about her, the story about her youth, her college days, her journey to USA are so fake, so out of place, to most Chinese, particularly, Chinese Americans who know Chinese history and culture, it touched our core value, and crossed the basic line of decency. In Chinese, we say, 做人要有底线。It would violated our dignity as human being If we didn't speak out. This is why so many people won't let it go, and come out commenting and pointing out the lies and call her a liar. 
We don't like liars, we won't give credit to cheaters, and we cherish honesty and integrity. This is why Lance Armstrong is called a cheater and "a million little pieces" is called a million little lies. This is why we call Fu Ping a liar and want the media to investigate and retract the lies that been told. 
To discredit her critics, Fu and her supporter call us: The Chinese government agents, the whole effort was orchestrated by Chinese government, we should go to make ipad rather than criticizing Fu; A smear campaign; Internet Lynch Mob; Just like the cyber attack on Wall street journal and others, this is a attack on western media; However, people forgot to check, most of Fu's critics are like me, grow up in China, know Chinese culture and history, live in USA or other places and are NOT in China or work for Chinese government! Fu suggested that so many people are angry with her is because she made it in USA and we didn't. She is just a CEO of 100+ people company, what a big deal is that? 
Fu's story line, from rags to riches, or from labor camp to CEO, does fit the stereotype of many westerners and some biased media outlet. You see, Fu is oppressed so much in China, by the system, by the government, by her university staff, her peers and had difficulties to even survive in China. Once in USA, under the western care, system and culture, not only did she survived, but thrived; She can take math class without knowing fraction and pass, and, the math professor thought she is a math genius and must be the sister of math Olympian the second year; Look at her accomplishment, directly or indirectly hinted in her book and interviews: She "mentored" the internet starter; She started the 3D printing revolution; she is the entrepreneur of the year; she advises the Obama administration. How wonderful our western society, culture and system is! 
Many Fu's supporter do realize that there are too many holes in her story. But, even if she used some strong words, with some inaccuracies, in her book, what's the big deal? We like it! It feeds our appetite just right! If she is a bitch, she is our bitch. Don't you dare to criticize her! If you criticize her, you must be from China and works for the Chinese communist government.
BTW, do you really think Chinese government cares about this? Give me a break! 
We all like Cinderella story, no matter where you come from and who you are. However, Fu's personal story is not a rags to rich story. Many stories in her book and interviews she gave are just bunch of lies. Let's call a spade a spade, a liar a liar.

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